Thankful Nation

November 30th, 2016
by Vicki Tynedale


This is the official day that our nation gives thanks for all the blessings we’ve received throughout the year. We have celebrated the good things in our lives like this since the days of George Washington. There must be a reason why this tradition has lasted so long in our country.

Let’s face it, some years we feel more thankful than others. Life has so many ups and downs, and really, there are many things that happen in life that we can’t control. It’s easy to get sucked into putting too much focus on the bad.

Here’s a few things to think about starting today and for the rest of the year:

Live today like it’s your last Thanksgiving. For some of us, it will be. Eat your food like it’s the last time you will have whatever it is you’re eating today. Talk to all the people you see today like it’s the last time you will see them. Everything you do today and throughout this holiday season, live it like it’s your last. The next time you take out the garbage, clean the toilet, mow the grass, do it like it’s the last time. It changes your whole attitude.

Cheer every Ducks game, like it’s your last game.

Why am I telling you this? Because we have a real life example of how this works; if you haven’t heard the story of Craig Cunningham of the Tucson Road Runners CLICK THIS LINK.


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It’s Here

October 13th, 2016
by Vicki Tynedale

It’s finally here. . . the day we’ve been waiting for.  Opening Day of the 2016-17 season.  This is one of my favorite days every year.  We are all so full of hope and optimism.  We know in our hearts that this could be the year. The equipment is new, everything is new, even the coach is new!  We are in first place!

Then, we slowly get back to reality.  After all, if we are in first place, there is only one direction we can go.  Everybody won’t be healthy all year.  The refs will make horribly stupid calls (that won’t happen for at least a few hours)!  We will lose some of our favorite players, and get new ones that we have to learn to like and old friends from the past.  This morning, the good news came that Emerson Etem is once again a Duck.  Wow can we use his speed!  After watching the World Cup and team North America, it’s clear that today’s game is a speed game.  But, he’s not coming back as that kid we remember. He is married now and has a new baby that was born Sept. 30th.

What other surprises will happen this year? Most of us have been on Ricky and Hampus watch for the entire summer.  And we still are.  Eventually, we will know.  We will see if Coach Carlyle has really changed.  What will the line combinations be?  Who will be our heros?  As the games unfold, we will get our answers.

In the meantime, it’s opening Day.  Fasten your seat belt and get ready for another crazy ride! May Lord Stanley bless us this year!  See you Saturday at Lopez & Lefty’s for our first Watch Party of the season.  We have lot’s of news and the 2016-17 Membership Packages will be unveiled!


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One Take Away from Game One that Gives us Pride

November 1st, 2013
by Vicki Tynedale

It was disappointing to see the results at the end of our first game; especially after waiting all summer to get going again and seeing many good things happen in training camp.  We know our boys are better than what the scoreboard said and to lose as the Pacific Division Champs from last year to a team that didn’t even make the playoffs last year was shocking to most of us.  Fortunately, we’ve shown some of our old character in the last two games and are skating in the right direction.  There is still work to be done, but that’s for another conversation.

The one thing that can make us proud coming out of that first game, is our Coach.  Over the past 20 years, the Ducks have had some of the best coaches in the league grace our locker room and bench, leading the team.  Maybe, just not always the right coach at the right time, but nothing really horrible.  Coach Boudreau, even though we still think of him as the “new coach” is a really great guy.

We all love the fact that he is accessible to us fans most of the time.  We like it that he’s a “player’s coach”.  We have many young players and guys from all over that haven’t played together that much.  We need a “uniter” and a “motivator”.  Something like when your Mother would send you to your room for some infraction of the house rules; but, after you did your time, she would give you a cookie before bedtime.

We witnessed our Coach, at the end of the first game, face ranting from the opposing coach, people pouring popcorn on his head over the glass and two guys from the enemy team, purposely put on the ice for the final face off, go after his players, after the horn had sounded.  How did he respond?  Bruce was no shrinking violet.  He let the other coach know what he was thinking and he stood his ground personally and for the team, even though it looked like the barrier might fall on him.  BUT, he didn’t lose his cool or go after anyone on his own team or the other team.

It would have been easy for him to lose control.  After all, we just finished a game where we pretty much sucked;  we did things in our play that Coach had been preaching against for weeks, like he’d never said anything.  We made mistakes that we never make.  Ugh!  That’s enough by itself to make a Coach lose it, and then add in all the drama from the opposition.

Ask yourself this:  If my team had just won a game 6 to 1, how would I feel about my coach ranting and throwing a tantrum?  Isn’t celebration more appropriate?  Then, my coach earns, yes, earns, he had to work hard for this, a $10,000 fine from the NHL?  And, then, makes a statement to the press blaming the other team for his bad behavior.

It will be an interesting year for our friends that cheer for the Avs.  We are all now guaranteed a rivalry that will go on for some years; started by a coach of all things.


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None Necessary

September 2nd, 2013
by Vicki Tynedale

We had been collectively holding our breath, without even realizing it; until today, when you could hear the huge exhale all over the OC.  Now, it finally seems like summer is coming to an end and it’s time for hockey season to start.  We knew that this is officially the week of summer.  Many of our kids are back in school.  But, in the back of our minds, behind all the hubbub that goes on this time of the year with the last barbeque, the last get away, on so on, it was there all along.  Will he or won’t he?  We had been told the announcement would come this week.  As the days were crossed off the calendar, suddenly it was Friday and we would have to hear something today or we had all been lied to.  Frankly, every day that went by, I thought was a strike against what we all wanted so badly.  It’s always hard to deliver bad news, so if you have to tell people something they don’t want to hear, it’s best to do it on the Friday of a long holiday weekend at the end of summer, when no one is paying attention.  I had prepared myself for that outcome.  But no, could this be true?  The tweet from the NHL?  They would never mess with us like that, so it must be true!  Then, the video!  Visual confirmation!  IT IS TRUE!!!!!




And, the Hockey Gods have really dealt us a good hand.  We already know that this will be this will be the last year.  That is a comfort to know.  Why?  Because every time that Teemu skates on the ice this year, from training camp, every home game, every out of town arena, the Olympics, the play-offs, we will be in a place where we can savor all of those special moments and appreciate them for what they are.  Remember past years?  At the end of the season, we were thinking what if that was it?  And you felt maybe, a little cheated, not really knowing.  WE KNOW!  Will it stop everyone from participating in our perennial chant, “One More Year”, I really doubt it.  It’s become tradition to shout that a games toward the end of the season.  We can always hope against hope.

As Teemu plays out the season, I hope his team mates will realize the unique situation where fate has placed them.  They will be eye witnesses to an historic event.  How many more goals?  Assists?  Who will be passed on the List of Most Everything?  Who will see the crowd reaction at every enemy venue?  No one is an enemy of Teemu.  Some of us shed tears this morning when we got the news.  All of us will shed some at some point next April, May, or God willing June.   We can’t help it, that’s just the way we have come to react to one of our most beloved players.

As the season goes along, it will be interesting to see the media coverage because we know there will be quite a lot of it.  But, just like those lucky 19 other men in the dressing room, we are in a unique place where we will be able to share in some small way the triumph of a hockey icon over time and age, even if it’s just for ONE MORE YEAR!



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First DN Blog Post

November 8th, 2012
by ksanders

(This is our first blog post from our first contributor, Kathrine. I’m posting it for her so ignore that “by KSanders” at the top. -KS)

Hello out there to those of you in Ducks Nation!  I know that many of you may be a bit depressed and upset by the state of NHL-level hockey this season … or, should I say, this lack of a season.

I, too, have gone through all of the emotions, almost as if it were a difficult break-up.  I mean, let’s face it: the fans and those workers who rely on the part-time employment are the ones who truly suffer.

The players themselves have the ability — some would say the responsibility — to play whether they have a CBA hammered out or not.  It’s really up to them to get this thing worked out and get the season going.  Looking at it from a different perspective, no employee has a right to a portion of the profits the company that employs them makes.   That would be like you and I demanding a percentage from what our employers make each year.  Most of us are grateful to be simply employed, especially in an economy like this.  The players have lost sight of this as well.  They should be grateful that the employers have allowed them to have any percentage of profits, especially those who make big money and do not work to show that they are worth the money/profits they are paid. (You know who these players are!)

Not to completely fault the players, the owners have some answering to do as well.  You don’t leverage money to sign huge players, as in the case of Minnesota (Parise/Suter). It is also the responsibility of the owners not to overspend.  It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth of fans when owners scramble to sign players with exorbitant contracts and bonuses, and then complain that it’s not fair and they can’t afford it.   So it is clear that both parties are at fault in their own way.  Whether you blame the players, the owners, or both, the one clear goal (no pun intended) that we as fans want to see is a season!

Here’s where I say, “Do not despair.”  As a fan(atic) of the Ducks, I am also a huge fan of hockey on all levels.  This being said, I would encourage you to not let go of the love we all share for hockey.  Continue to support the sport on all levels.  USC and Cal State Fullerton both play hockey in Anaheim.  This is much cheaper than a Ducks game and, although not on the same level, these young men are the future of the sport.  Here is information on these teams:

We can also support the local ECHL hockey team.  I know, I know … they’re a Kings affiliate, you say!  I say it’s not like they have a choice in the matter. Let’s support the team anyway.  It’s hockey and I love to watch it, so I’ll go to see the games.  Rooting for them is NOT rooting for the Kings: it’s rooting for the success of the sport.

 Don’t forget there are also ECHL teams located in Bakersfield, Stockton, San Francisco and Las Vegas if you ever find yourself out of town and wanting a game.  I already have tickets to the Las Vegas Wranglers game for my upcoming Vegas trip in January.

 Remember, when all else fails, we are a strong nation despite what is going on around us.  Keep your bills up!

 I urge you to keep calm and root on for hockey! GO Ducks!!


–Kathrine Thomas

[Bio: I have been a Ducks fan from their humble birth in 1993, although I grew up watching the Flames. I am what some would call a Fanatic and can be seen at almost every Ducks game. I love to travel with my husband.¬† I also love other sports such as Football (Go 49ers) and Baseball (Go Dodgers).¬† I also love to read and am interested in anything I can learn about history (I have my bachelors in History) I live in Orange County love anything Disney as well.¬† I’m an annual pass holder.]


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