It’s Here

October 13th, 2016
by Vicki Tynedale

It’s finally here. . . the day we’ve been waiting for.  Opening Day of the 2016-17 season.  This is one of my favorite days every year.  We are all so full of hope and optimism.  We know in our hearts that this could be the year. The equipment is new, everything is new, even the coach is new!  We are in first place!

Then, we slowly get back to reality.  After all, if we are in first place, there is only one direction we can go.  Everybody won’t be healthy all year.  The refs will make horribly stupid calls (that won’t happen for at least a few hours)!  We will lose some of our favorite players, and get new ones that we have to learn to like and old friends from the past.  This morning, the good news came that Emerson Etem is once again a Duck.  Wow can we use his speed!  After watching the World Cup and team North America, it’s clear that today’s game is a speed game.  But, he’s not coming back as that kid we remember. He is married now and has a new baby that was born Sept. 30th.

What other surprises will happen this year? Most of us have been on Ricky and Hampus watch for the entire summer.  And we still are.  Eventually, we will know.  We will see if Coach Carlyle has really changed.  What will the line combinations be?  Who will be our heros?  As the games unfold, we will get our answers.

In the meantime, it’s opening Day.  Fasten your seat belt and get ready for another crazy ride! May Lord Stanley bless us this year!  See you Saturday at Lopez & Lefty’s for our first Watch Party of the season.  We have lot’s of news and the 2016-17 Membership Packages will be unveiled!


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