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November 8th, 2012
by ksanders

(This is our first blog post from our first contributor, Kathrine. I’m posting it for her so ignore that “by KSanders” at the top. -KS)

Hello out there to those of you in Ducks Nation!  I know that many of you may be a bit depressed and upset by the state of NHL-level hockey this season … or, should I say, this lack of a season.

I, too, have gone through all of the emotions, almost as if it were a difficult break-up.  I mean, let’s face it: the fans and those workers who rely on the part-time employment are the ones who truly suffer.

The players themselves have the ability — some would say the responsibility — to play whether they have a CBA hammered out or not.  It’s really up to them to get this thing worked out and get the season going.  Looking at it from a different perspective, no employee has a right to a portion of the profits the company that employs them makes.   That would be like you and I demanding a percentage from what our employers make each year.  Most of us are grateful to be simply employed, especially in an economy like this.  The players have lost sight of this as well.  They should be grateful that the employers have allowed them to have any percentage of profits, especially those who make big money and do not work to show that they are worth the money/profits they are paid. (You know who these players are!)

Not to completely fault the players, the owners have some answering to do as well.  You don’t leverage money to sign huge players, as in the case of Minnesota (Parise/Suter). It is also the responsibility of the owners not to overspend.  It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth of fans when owners scramble to sign players with exorbitant contracts and bonuses, and then complain that it’s not fair and they can’t afford it.   So it is clear that both parties are at fault in their own way.  Whether you blame the players, the owners, or both, the one clear goal (no pun intended) that we as fans want to see is a season!

Here’s where I say, “Do not despair.”  As a fan(atic) of the Ducks, I am also a huge fan of hockey on all levels.  This being said, I would encourage you to not let go of the love we all share for hockey.  Continue to support the sport on all levels.  USC and Cal State Fullerton both play hockey in Anaheim.  This is much cheaper than a Ducks game and, although not on the same level, these young men are the future of the sport.  Here is information on these teams:

We can also support the local ECHL hockey team.  I know, I know … they’re a Kings affiliate, you say!  I say it’s not like they have a choice in the matter. Let’s support the team anyway.  It’s hockey and I love to watch it, so I’ll go to see the games.  Rooting for them is NOT rooting for the Kings: it’s rooting for the success of the sport.

 Don’t forget there are also ECHL teams located in Bakersfield, Stockton, San Francisco and Las Vegas if you ever find yourself out of town and wanting a game.  I already have tickets to the Las Vegas Wranglers game for my upcoming Vegas trip in January.

 Remember, when all else fails, we are a strong nation despite what is going on around us.  Keep your bills up!

 I urge you to keep calm and root on for hockey! GO Ducks!!


–Kathrine Thomas

[Bio: I have been a Ducks fan from their humble birth in 1993, although I grew up watching the Flames. I am what some would call a Fanatic and can be seen at almost every Ducks game. I love to travel with my husband.¬† I also love other sports such as Football (Go 49ers) and Baseball (Go Dodgers).¬† I also love to read and am interested in anything I can learn about history (I have my bachelors in History) I live in Orange County love anything Disney as well.¬† I’m an annual pass holder.]


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